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Friday, August 29th 2014, 3:11am

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Jan 16th 2010

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Saturday, January 16th 2010, 4:53pm

Windows 7 64 bit - Avira Free - CHKDSK


I recently purchased a laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I installed Avira free as my antivirus software. I also installed other programs. The day after I got my laptop, I went to boot up and before windows could load, I got a screen advising that it is going to perform a consistency check on drive C. It said if I wanted to cancel to hit any key within 10 seconds and starts counting down. The first time this came up, I let it go to run the chkdsk. It froze on 1 second and nothing happened after that. There seemed to be not enough disk activity to indicate that a test was running. But I let it go for 45 minutes and still nothing. I powered off and tried to reboot. Same thing, this time I tried to stop the chkdsk from running. No matter what key I pressed, the countdown would not stop. It froze at 1 second again. Never seemed to go anywhere. Powered off again and somehow, I got it to load windows. Started doing some research and learned a little about about dirty bits and what not. I tried to schedule a disk scan at boot up, never worked. It would always freeze at 1 second. Reinstalled Windows and my programs and it happened again. So, I started to think the hard drive was bad. Took back the laptop and exchanged it. Get home and started loading the programs one by one, but this time, before I installed any of them, I researched if there was any chkdsk type errors with that particular program and Windows 7. Red flags went up when I was about to install Avira and I started reading about issues. So here I am. Wanting to install Avira but am afraid I am going to be right back at my original problem. I have Avast on it now but it is slooooooooooow. I want Avira. Does anyone advise for or against going with Avira right now. Haven't these chkdsk errors and Avira been addressed? If so, do you think I actually just got a laptop with a bad drive in it?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.



Sunday, January 17th 2010, 1:32am

Avira has fixed their chkdisk problem which I had also but for me it never got to the point of labeling the disk as dirty. I got the precursor Event viewer message about a security audit failure involving Avira. Also, I have 32bit but my understanding is this error involving avgntflt.exe has been successfully fixed, not only for 32 bit, but also 64 bit Win 7.

I read a lot of posts at Microsoft's Windows 7 forums about users with a chkdisk problem. It appears to be widespread and have various causes. There is considerable speculation there, and on other forums, that Microsoft will be issuing a patch for Win 7 to fix the problem. Of course, this doesn't help you currently if you install Avira again and have the problem again. I think you should post at Microsoft forums about it as Avira worked with Microsoft to get their problem fixed and during that time they uncovered the fact that this problem is widespread among other AV vendors and other programs. The more users of Windows 7 tell Microsoft about this problem the sooner it will get fixed. Of course, on the other hand, you might actually have a bad hard disk. Have you run any software checks on the disk like the disk manufacturer's own diagnostic software?

Avast was slow? Was it Avast 4.8 or version 5 beta? I'm curious as I have version 5 beta on Vista Ultimate and I love it. I hated 4.8 GUI wise and it was slow (but again, it is on 32bit Windows). Also, I didn't install all the modules.
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Jan 5th 2009

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Monday, January 18th 2010, 9:57am


CHKDSK issue is fixed now,
Please try Avira.
Thanks for choosing Avira
Alexandru Manea
Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG