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Sunday, August 31st 2014, 10:14am

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Dec 8th 2012

Avira Free Antivirus

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Saturday, December 8th 2012, 7:34am

I Can't Turn On MY Web Protection!!

I can't turn on my web protection!

I tried multi times. I went to control panel - click on change and follow instruction from there!
No Web Protection still in RED, NO Green as instructed! Computer is NOT secure!

How I get my computer secure & Web Protection?

My Computer:

Window Xp

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Jan 10th 2009

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Coal-fired Steam-Generating Antique....... but it still Works! ..........but I'm thinking of unpacking my old A1200 b4 it's to late!

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Sunday, December 9th 2012, 10:09am

Web Protection Failure ~ another solution?
Hi There,
I also recently suffered from this annoying problem and searched and tried all the recommendations until I got to the re-installing Avira one.
At that point I recalled that in the past some software only liked working with Microsoft's browser..... I was using Firefox.... I wonder....
So I dug about and found the defunct basic version of Windows Explorer, and there was an non-active Avira Toolbar.
Once it was activated, hey-presto!
Web Protection now active through out and on my Browser of choice also.

I can only conclude that in one of the recent Avira updates somebody somewhere slipped up, maybe regressed slightly??

Hope this an easy solution for Anyone else having a problem

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