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Wednesday, September 3rd 2014, 6:34am

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  • "maryhillcanal" started this thread

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Sep 18th 2011

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windows XP home

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Friday, April 12th 2013, 4:56pm

Access Denied to file


Thank you Avira for providing Antivir Free ...

I'm using the fusebundle generator to download updates to Antivir Free. I have Windows XP SP3 but no broadband, just slow telephone line.

Automatic updates has worked fine for a long time, but last week it wanted to download over 60mb which would take over three hours, so I am trying to use Fusebundle Generator.

Before trying to use fusebundle generator I updated Antivir with a new installation copy last week, so all modules are now dated 31 March 2013.

I have created a on another PC, also Windows XP, with a broadband connection. Log file says file created without error.

Copied it to memory stick and transferred file to my off-broadband PC.

But Antivir 'manual update' won't read the file. An error window appears (headed Antivir Free Antivirus) with message 'Error starting the product update: Access Denied'.

I have checked properties of the file - unticked 'Archive', so I can't see there are any restrictions on reading it. It still won't be read.

I have Zonealarm Free installed (and have had it for years), is Antivir objecting to that? Can't see why when automatic updates has worked for years as well.

How do I overcome 'Access Denied' when trying to read in 'manual update'?

Thank you for any assistance.


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Nov 21st 2009

Avira Free Antivirus

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Friday, April 12th 2013, 8:12pm

Just to be sure, you are trying to manual update with (located in the "install" sub-folder of avira_fusebundlegen-win32-en) ?
Both computers are same version of avira (both 12 or both 13) ?
If not, you will need to rename the file "" inside the ""
For avira 13 it is called ""
In my avira 12 (and everything before from what I can tell) it is called ""
If you have to rename it, you will need to take it out of the zip, rename it, and then reinsert it into the zip.

  • "maryhillcanal" started this thread

Date of registration:
Sep 18th 2011

Operating System:
windows XP home

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Sunday, April 14th 2013, 2:02pm

Thank you for responding

I downloaded using fusebundle generator on a broadband computer that doesn't have Avira on it at all. So I guess it downloaded every file possible. I'll check the file name as you suggest on my own computer and try it (I am on a library computer now)