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Wednesday, September 3rd 2014, 1:44am

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Saturday, January 3rd 2009, 10:29am

How to renew my license

It is quite clear from the number of licensing issues on the forum that the whole licensing procedure is a bit of a botch in many ways. It is not simple and straight forward at all, and there is no major help url on the Home page in bold that says how to renew a license.
I just paid for a renewal and now when I boot Avira it still says 7 days left.
At the payment page it wanted me to download the program again and then enter the activation key.
Surely I do not need to re-install the program again, I already have it configured the way I want.
What I want is a SIMPLE renewal procedure.
So now what happens. At the end of 7 days does my license expire and although I have re-paid for another year the program will tell me I do not have a valid license.
The complete procedure is terrible. Doesn't Avira have any common sense logicians or practical systems analysts working for them?
So somebody at Avira please tell me now what I do, having paid for a years renewal and not wanting to re-download the product.
And if you tell me, and show me it is simple, why the hell isn't this simple explanation on the home page.


Saturday, January 3rd 2009, 10:41am

hi. no you do not have to reinstall antivir.
please open antivir and go to help > Licence management
in the next window you enter the activation code which you got from avira when renewing the licence and click on next. then finish the process by answering the questions and your licence will be updated.